Will you judge yourself?

Let me introduce myself, I am you. I am young, I graduated from one of the best business school in the world and I have a job. And if you are not convinced I am you, let me tell you more about me. I am moved by poor countries distress but just like you I feel powerless. I feel weak and I feel guilty for being this lucky. However, at the same time, I am still deeply convinced that everything happening “there” is partly “their” own fault, why are they so retrograde? Don’t judge me, I talk knowingly. I was born there too. But, as you did too, I am here now, in a country which deserves me and my competence better, a developed country.

Don’t fool yourself; I know exactly what you are thinking. But wait… Nothing has ever been easy for me; I worked hard to be where I am now. Before coming here, I had already graduated; I was an engineer in a certain way. The kind of engineer you frequently see “there”, the paper-engineer, with merely a diploma and no job opportunity to develop any skill. Wait… or maybe was I a private university alumnus, working in an accounting firm but attracted by the Eldorado. You know, that elsewhere which is always better than your own place.

Once here, I struggled to pay my bills, to have a correct place to live in, to imitate perfectly the way people in here talk, to dress in a way that could distinguish me from the other people from “there”.  Why did I want to appear different? Because I have a diploma, I speak the developed-country’s language correctly, making sure i avoid any slang word from underground. I have never admitted it before, but you can read in my attitude, like I can read in yours, that I have some kind of superiority complex.

I love being here, even though I know I will never be treated as fair as I would have been in that country that was mine before. Laws here are conceived to make my life harder, to remind me how « fortunate » I am to be here. But I am used to it; I can definitely say that I gave up fighting for more; I stopped complaining and started enjoying – as they say-. I was afraid they pointed the finger at my difference.

I am possibly suffering from a new type of Stockholm syndrome. I finally understood their laws and I can now give, to anybody who wants to, thousands of reasons to justify them. And I can explain why I entirely agree with all those prejudices they are fuelling. Can anybody judge me for embracing the political correctness? Oh, sorry! I meant: Can anybody judge you for that?

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